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3 dienos Anglų Vilnius 1000 EUR

This special training combines theoretical knowledge with its practical application. It is a unique combination of project simulation with preparation for international AgilePM Foundation certification. In this training the theoretical part occupies no more than half of the total time, while the remaining time is used for project simulation and practical exercises that help you acquire the necessary skills. On the first day of training we perform the “Kinshasa – Agile African Adventure” project simulation. This simulation is preceded by an introduction that contains the basics of the methodology. The remaining part of the training refers to the elements of the simulation, supplementing them with the necessary practical exercises. Within the theoretical part of the training the participants learn the philosophy, rules, roles and duties, the process and products of agile project management – that is all what is required to act according to the “agile spirit”. Mock exams, conducted at the end of each training day, are an additional element of preparation for certification. Each of the mock exams is discussed in detail with the group, allowing the participants to become proficient in test solving and increasing their chance of success during the exam. At the end of the third day a certified exam is conducted. All participants who pass will receive the international AgilePM Foundation certificates.

Kurso tikslas

Learning the AgilePM method on a level that allows working in projects according to this method. After the training each participant:

Kursas skirtas

Due to its “strong” approach, i.e. agility combined with project regime, the AgilePM is particularly useful for people working in large organizations and corporations, both in business and technical departments. It is also useful whenever the technology, requirements and environment change rapidly, rendering traditional project management impossible.

We invite the following to participate: Project managers, Team leaders, Business analysts, Creators of solutions, Testers, Managers responsible for supervision and quality control.

Reikalavimai klausytojams

General knowledge of the characteristics of project work. Experience of previously managed projects with the use of cascade methods will also be useful. This will allow the participants to realize and understand the differences in approach to project.


  1. Course fee includes the training and Agile PM Foundation examination.
  2. The exam is usually organised at the end of Day 3.
  3. This course is accredited by APM Group Ltd.

Kinshasa is a workshop that allows the participants to train acting pursuant to the Agile Project Management principles in a safe, controlled environment. The main objective of the simulation is to experience the mode of that is action specific for agile managed projects. The workshop teaches behaviours that are in-line with the spirit of the agile approach, such as: cooperation, effective communication, common target orientation, acceptance of responsibility for decisions made. The notions used during it include, i.a.: timebox, growth, iteration, MoSCoW.

During the simulation we participate in a project concerning travelling through Africa in teams of bikers and a support vehicle. The task is to make a travelogue and the project objective to drive a route with selected start, finish and intermediate points, that meet specific criteria, within the selected timeframe.

During the training a sample version of Kinshasa simulation is being played to better understand Agile principles.

—– Day  1 —–—– Day 2 —–—– Day 3 —–In addition to the above issues, the training will provide a very large dose of soft exercises in the areas of temperament and personality, communication, conflict resolution, agile planning and group process.