Baltijos Kompiuterių Akademija

BKA is participating in the European Union granted projects as training, testing services provider and new learning material developer. The owners of these projects are public bodies or private organizations.

We offer:

1. to perform a training demand analysis within an organization and help create a project concept based on organizational goals and EU funds' requirements;
2. to consult when preparing a tender and while managing a project;
3. to form and implement training plans within a multi-level organization;
4. to consult about financial recourses for a project.

BKA is a member of the following associations:

Below is a list of the projects BKA has implemented through the period of 2003 - 2015.

Project titleYearClientDescription
Hopedy (Hand-On Project Experience of Disabled Youngsters)2003-2005
The aim of the project was to increace young disabled people opportunities to find a job. 30 Latvian, Lithuanian, German and Finnish youngsters (age 18 to 25) tested their abilities creating websites for non-government organization. 40 project participants have prepared and passed ECDL basic exams.
Training for employees of Customs of the Republic of Lithuania2005-2006Customs of the Republic of Lithuania
During the project period of 12 months 238 staff members of Customs of Lithuania have acquired professional IT skills, required to ensure joint operations among Lithuanian Customs and EU IT systems. Training courses were held in Lithuania, Finland, UK and Belgium.
"Microlink Lithuania" staff training2006Microlink LithuaniaThe aims of the project involved improving "Microlink Lithuania" personnel professional skills, helping them adapt to dynamic changes in IT market and easier integrate in EU IT market as well. In addition, departments' managers acquired HR management skills. There were close to 200 participants trained.
Women employment incentive2007Kaunas labour market training and consultation officeComputer literacy training was targeted at unemployed women in regions of Utena and Alytus. Total of 60 participants were trained to use main computer office programs.
Training for the members of Association of Lithuanian museums

2006-2007 and

Association of Lithuanian museums
Police department staff training2006-2008
Police department under the Ministry of the InteriorComputer literacy training was delivered to Lithuanian Road Traffic Police officers. During the training courses 96 officers gained ECDL and skills required to work more efficiently, communicate with colleagues from other EU countries.
Computer Literacy Basics for a Lithuanian E-Citizen2006-2008
Alliance "Langas į ateitį"
The aim of the project was to solve the existing problems related to the insufficient computer literacy of Lithuanian population. The organized courses provided computer literacy and internet usage basics to 50 400 Lithuanian residents older than 16 years of age, including 400 persons with disability. The training syllabus was developed with reference to the Computer Literacy Standard, approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, harmonizing training content with the ECDL e-Citizen Syllabus. Trainings were organized on the national scale in all 60 municipalities of Lithuania.
Libraries for innovation2008-2009Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania
Project was implemented by Martynas Mazvydas national library and the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania. Main project goal was to strengthen public libraries' personnel skills so they can help Lithuanian citizens, especially those in rural areas and in social risk groups, to find information and communicate online using library resources. BKA released training material and recommendations for training experts, delivered training for lecturers who later delivered training to libraries' personnel.  720 librarians received computer literacy training and passed ECDL Start examination.
IT training for adults quality improvement2009-2010Training center for working with computer
Let's improve2009-2010
IT training for specialists of Lithuanian local authorities2009-2010Training and consultation center of Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania
IT training for specialists of National Courts Administration2009-2012
Computer literacy skills for personal improvement2011-2013Baltic Education Technology Institute and Infobalt Lithuania
Live and work modernly2011-2013Baltic Education Technology Institute and Infobalt Lithuania
Specialists' professional skills improvement in small and micro IT/communication sector enterprises2014-2015
Training for employees of Personalisation of identity documents centre under the Ministry of the Interior2014-2015
FIT4JOBS2014-2015Association "Langas į ateitį"