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PRINCE2® Foundation

Exam included

Duration Language Location Price Date and registration
3 days English Vilnius 1000 EUR

The PRINCE2® courses on this page are offered by OMEC as the Accredited Training Organisation of Peoplecert. PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited - all rights reserved.

This course is on PRINCE2®, a well-known British method of organizing and managing projects. It comprises of lectures and set of exercises based on a sample case.

The training is followed by a certification exam. In case of a positive result the participant receives an international PRINCE2 Foundation certificate. The training course is accredited by Peoplecert.


  1. Learning PRINCE2 on a level allowing to work in a PRINCE2 project. After the training each participant:
    • understands principles, processes and themes,
    • can explain how they are implemented and used in the project,
    • knows roles and responsibilities in the project.
  2. Preparing for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam - the principles, themes, processes and methodology tailoring.

      Target audience

      This training course is designed for project managers, project team members, board members and directors involved in project boards and steering committees. It's also useful for people who want to learn the assumptions PRINCE2 methodology.


      General knowledge of the characteristics of projects and common tasks of the project manager.

      NOTE: 2 weeks before the training participants will receive an accredited manual "Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®" and a set of pre-course work, with the recommendation to study before the training. Completing the pre-course work increases the likelihood of a positive outcome from the Foundation exam.


      DAY 1

      1. Introduction to PRINCE2
        • What is a Project?
        • The governance of the business change of P3M3 model
        • Project, programme, portfolio
        • Project characteristics
      2. PRINCE2 Overview
        • The structure of PRINCE2
        • Principles
        • Themes
        • Processes
        • Tailoring PRINCE2
      3. Starting up a Project (SU) process
        • Project Mandate
        • Effects of ignoring Starting up a Project process
        • Feasibility Studies
      4. Business Case theme
        • Output, Outcome, Benefit, Dis-benefit
      5. Organisation theme
        • Project organisational structure with the maintenance unit
        • Project organisational structure with the external supplier
        • Project management team roles and responsibilities
      6. Homework: PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Candidate Guidance
      7. Homework: PRINCE2 Foundation Examination Sample Paper 1

      DAY 2

      1. Homework debrief
      2. Directing a Project (DP) process
      3. Initiating a Project (IP) process
        • Should Quality Management Strategy cover the quality of project management?
      4. Plans theme
        • Stage Plan
      5. Managing a Stage Boundary (SB) process
        • What is needed to approve Stage Plan/Exception Plan
        • Stage End
      6. Controlling a Stage (CS) process - part 1 /routine activities/
      7. Managing Product Delivery (MP) process
      8. Homework: Product Description
      9. Homework: PRINCE2 Foundation Examination Sample Paper 2

      DAY 3

      1. Homework debrief
      2. Quality theme
        • Elements of PRINCE2 that help to achieve quality not to be disputed
      3. Change theme
      4. Controlling a Stage (CS) process – part 2 /issue handling/
      5. Progress theme
        • How PRINCE2 might be helpful for a busy Project Board member
      6. Risk theme
      7. Closing a Project (CP) process
        • What Project Board needs to confirm closing a project
      8. PRINCE2 Foundation examination

        PRINCE2® Foundation exam is usually held on the last day of the training. It's 1 hour long and consists of 75 multiple choice questions. Passing rate is 50% and more. Exam price is included in the training course price.