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AgilePM® Practitioner

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2 dienos Anglų - 950 EUR Užklausti

This training is held in form of classes that prepare for the AgilePM Practitioner exam. During this training vigorous exercise, the use of the agile methods of the sample project is performed. In addition, tips and observations necessary to pass the exam are passed on. 
During the training, AgilePM Practitioner sample exam will be taken together with the participants. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the structure of questions and test their skills before taking the real exam. Training is completed by the certification examination. 
In case of a positive result, participant will receive international AgilePM Practitioner certificate issued by APM Group Ltd.

Kurso tikslas

  • Learning how to use Agile methods PM in the sample project;
  • Preparation to Agile PM Practitioner Exam.

Kursas skirtas

AgilePM Practitioner course is designed for people who want to deploy and use agile methods work in their organization.
We kindly invite to participation:

  • Steering committee and project board members
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Analysts
  • System Analysts
  • Programmers
  • Testers
  • Managers responsible for supervision and quality control

Reikalavimai klausytojams

Good knowledge of methods AgilePM at the Foundation level and experience in projects managed by Agile methods.
Note: AgilePM Practitioner course is only available to holders of the AgilePM Foundation certificate.


  1. Course fee includes the training and Agile PM Practitioner exam.
  2. The exam is usually organised at the end of Day 2.
  3. This course is accredited by APM Group Ltd.


  • Introduction
  • Course administration
  • Review the rules of practitioner exam
  • Repetition of Agile PM methodology
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Preparation for AgilePM project management
  • AgilePM project management
  • Processes and Products
  • Introduction to the project scenario
  • Exercise: elevator pitch
  • Exercise: project roles
  • Exercise: Identification of risks
  • Exercise: the scope of work.


  • Repetition of AgilePM methodology
  • Communication
  • Prioritizing and timeboxing
  • Control of the project
  • Requirements and estimation
  • Planning
  • Exercise: communication planning
  • Exercise: prioritizing requirements
  • Exercise: planning delivery
  • Exercise: presentation about Agile
  • Sample AgilePM practitioner exam
  • Review and discuss the exam.


AgilePM Practitioner exam - 2 hours 30 min + 40 min on administrative tasks.