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AgilePM® Foundation

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As part of the AgilePM Foundation training, participants will learn the rules of working in an agile managed project. The solid theoretical foundations obtained during the training are supported by exercises and discussions that make it easier for students to understand the essence of the methodology. The training prepares you for the AgilePM Foundation exam and obtaining an international certificate.

The training has been designed to cover all areas of agile project management. Before the training, students receive additional materials that allow them to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts, which are then discussed in detail during the training. The course is divided into modules. After each of them, sample exam questions are solved, which allows for gradual building of knowledge and effective preparation for the subsequent test.

Kurso tikslas

Learning the AgilePM method on a level that allows working in projects according to this method. After the training each participant:
  • is able to compare the Agile method with other agile methodologies,
  • knows the AgilePM philosophy, rules, roles & duties, process, products and techniques,
  • can explain, how they are applied or used in the project,
  • knows the basics of teamwork and understands the influence of personality, communication, conflict and change on the successful completion of project according to the Agile principles,
  • knows how to use the basic techniques and tools,
  • is inspired and has the foundations for further personal development and development of knowledge of this area.
  • prepared for the AgilePM Foundation exam.

Kursas skirtas

Due to its “strong” approach, i.e. agility combined with project regime, the AgilePM is particularly useful for people working in large organizations and corporations, both in business and technical departments. It is also useful whenever the technology, requirements and environment change rapidly, rendering traditional project management impossible.

We invite the following to participate: Project managers, Team leaders, Business analysts, Creators of solutions, Testers, Managers responsible for supervision and quality control.

Reikalavimai klausytojams

General knowledge of the characteristics of project work. Experience of previously managed projects with the use of cascade methods will also be useful. This will allow the participants to realize and understand the differences in approach to project.


  1. Course fee includes the training and Agile PM Foundation examination.
  2. This course is accredited by APM Group Ltd.

  1. Understand the Agile principles and mindset
    • What is agile?
    • Agile Manifesto
    • Philosophy and principles
  2. Methodical elements (DSDM framework)
    • Roles and related responsibilities
    • Project life cycle - phases in the process
    • Documents necessary to manage and supervise the project (business products, solutions and management)
  3. Ways of working
    • MoSCoW prioritization
    • Use of Timeboxes
    • Facilitated workshops and modeling
    • People, teams and interactions in an agile project
  4. Knowledge areas necessary for agile work
    • Planning and project control
    • Test types and their impact on quality
    • Estimation requirements and methods
  5. Elements influencing the success of the project
    • Success factors
    • Risk in the project
    • Project approach questionnaire