ITIL® Continual Service Improvement

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The ITIL® courses on this page are offered by OMEC as the Accredited Training Organisation of Peoplecert. ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited - all rights reserved.

The ITIL® Continual Service Improvement training is one of the Lifecycle Stream modules. It can be treated as an independent training or as a step on the way to ITIL Expert certification.

The course familiarises participants with details of processes and roles of Continual Service Improvement. Practical exercises are an integral part of the training. The training ends with a formal ITIL Intermediate Continual Service Improvement examination.

The training course is accredited by Peoplecert.

Kursas skirtas

This course is for anyone interested in deepening knowledge of the stage of Continual Service Improvement, best practices for improving the management of services and effective methods of improving processes, particularly for: IT Directors, Senior Management, Project Managers, IT architects, IT services designers, people responsible for service maintenance, all who wish to gain practical knowledge of IT service management.

Reikalavimai klausytojams

ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management.


The aim of the training is to enable ITIL® Foundation-certified participants the effective application of best practices in processes related to the stage of Continual Service Improvement.

This course will enable participants to:

  • determine the area, scope, and objectives of Continual Service Improvement,
  • familiarize with the methods and techniques used in the field of continuous improvement,
  • determine the relationship between Continual Service Improvement and other service lifecycle stages,
  • identify Critical Success Factors on Continual Service Improvement.


-- Day 1 ---
  • Introduction to Continual Service Improvement,
  • Continual Service Improvement Principles,
  • Continual Service Improvement Process.
-- Day 2 --
  • Evening Work Debrief
  • Continual Service Improvement Methods and Techniques,
  • Organizing for Continual Service Improvement.
-- Day 3 --
  • Evening Work Debrief
  • Organizing for Continual Service Improvement,
  • Technology for Continual Service Improvement,
  • Implementing Continual Service Improvement,
  • Critical Success Factors and Risks,
  • ITIL Intermediate Continual Service Improvement examination.

Examination includes 8 multiple choice scenario-based questions. Answers are worth 5, 3, 1 or 0 marks. The duration is 90 minutes. Examination is run in English. No books and other materials allowed. Candidates completing an exam in a language that is not their mother tongue are entitled to have extra time to complete the exam and are allowed to use a dictionary. You must achieve 28 or more out of possible 40 marks (70%) to pass this examination.