ITIL® Service Operation

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The ITIL® courses on this page are offered by OMEC as the Accredited Training Organisation of Peoplecert. ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited - all rights reserved.

The ITIL® Service Operation training is one of the Lifecycle Stream modules. It can be treated as an independent training or as a step on the way to ITIL Expert certification.

The course familiarizes participants with details of processes and roles of Service Operation. Practical exercises are an integral part of the training. The training ends with a formal ITIL Intermediate Service Operation examination.

Kursas skirtas

This course is for anyone interested in deepening knowledge of the stage of service operation, best practices for improving the management of services and effective methods of improving processes, particularly for:

  • IT Directors;
  • Senior Management;
  • Project Managers;
  • Service Designers;
  • IT Architects;
  • IT safety managers;
  • technical team leaders;
  • people responsible for services implementation;
  • business analysts,
  • all who wish to gain practical knowledge of IT service management and service operation.

Reikalavimai klausytojams

ITIL Foundation Certificate

Kurso tikslai

This course will enable participants to:

  • understand the importance of Service Operation in the general context of service management;
  • understand the processes and principles of Service Operation;
  • refer to the technologies of Service Operation;
  • familiarize with the organization of Service Operation (roles and responsibilities, and functions such as: user support center - service desk, technical management, application management, IT operations management);
  • analyze the risks associated with the Service Operation;
  • identify Critical Success Factors for the Service Operation.


-- Day 1 ---
  • Introduction to Service Operation,
  • Service Operation Principles,
  • Organizing for Service Operation: Service Desk - structure, role, technology,
  • Organizing for Service Operation: IT Operations management,
  • Organizing for Service Operation: Technical management,
  • Organizing for Service Operation: Application management,
  • Service Operation Processes: Event management.
-- Day 2 --
  • Evening Work Debrief,
  • Service Operation Processes: Incident management,
  • Service Operation Processes: Request fulfilment,
  • Service Operation Processes: Problem management,
  • Service Operation Processes: Access management,
  • Common Service Operation Activities.
-- Day 3 --
  • Evening Work Debrief,
  • Common Service Operation Activities,
  • Consideration of Technology,
  • Implementation of Service Operation,
  • Challenges, Risks and Critical Success Factors,
  • ITIL Intermediate Service Operation examination.

ITIL Service Operation egzaminas yra laikomas paskutinę mokymų dieną. Į mokymų kainą egzaminas yra įskaičiuotas.

Egzamino formatas: Testiniai, situacijų atvejais paremti klausimai.

Klausimų kiekis: 8

Praeinamasis balas: 28/40 arba 70%

Trukmė: Standartiškai būna 90 min. Atvejais, kai anglų kalba nėra gimtoji, skiriama 120 minučių bei leidžiama naudotis žodynu.