AZ-020T00: Microsoft Azure solutions for AWS developers

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A three-day course designed to teach AWS (Amazon Web Services) developers how to prepare end-to-end solutions in Microsoft Azure. In this course you will construct Azure App Service Web App solutions and Azure Functions, use blob or Cosmos DB storage in solutions, implement secure cloud solutions that include user authentication and authorization, implement API management, and develop event- and message-based solutions, and monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize your Azure solutions. You will learn how developers use Azure services, with additional focus on features and tasks that differ from AWS, and what that means for you as you develop applications that will be hosted by using Azure services.

Kursai skirti

Students in this course are experienced AWS developers interested in Azure development.

Kurso nauda

In this course students:

  • Will learn how to build a web application on the Azure App Service platform. They will learn how the platform functions and how to create, configure, scale, secure, and deploy to the App Service platform.
  • Will learn creating Functions apps, and how to integrate triggers and inputs/outputs in to the app.
  • Will learn how Azure Blob storage works, how to manage data through the hot/cold/archive blob storage lifecycle, and how to use the Azure Blob storage client library to manage data and metadata. Also, students will learn how to create an ARM (Azure Resource Manager) Template.
  • Will learn how Cosmos DB is structured and how data consistency is managed. Students will also learn how to create Cosmos DB accounts and create databases, containers, and items by using a mix of the Azure Portal and the .NET SDK.
  • Will learn how to create and deploy Azure Resource Manager templates that can be used to speed new deployment and create consistency across resources.
  • Will learn how to leverage the Microsoft Identity Platform v2.0 to manage authentication and access to resources. Students will also learn how to use the Microsoft Authentication Library and Microsoft Graph to authenticate a user and retrieve information stored in Azure, and how and when to use Shared Access Signatures.
  • Will learn how to secure the information (keys, secrets, certificates) an application uses to access resources. It also covers securing application configuration information.
  • Will learn how to publish APIs, create policies to manage information shared through the API, and to manage access to their APIs by using the Azure API Management service.
  • Will learn how to build applications with event-based architectures.
  • Will learn how to build applications with message-based architectures.
  • Will learn how to instrument their code for telemetry.

  1. Create Azure App Service Web Apps
  2. Implement Azure functions
  3. Develop solutions that use blob storage
  4. Develop solutions that use Cosmos DB storage
  5. Create and deploy Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates
  6. Implement user authentication and authorization
  7. Implement secure cloud solutions
  8. Implement API Management
  9. Develop event-based solutions
  10. Develop message-based solutions
  11. Monitor and optimize Azure solutions

Detali programa

Students should have 1-2 years professional development experience and experience with AWS. They must be able to program in an Azure Supported Language.