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The ITIL® courses on this page are offered by OMEC as the Accredited Training Organisation of Peoplecert. ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited - all rights reserved.

How to manage IT services to provide their customers with the right quality of services, tailored to the needs of customers and users? Who should define the needs regarding the scope and quality of IT services? What parameters of services should be measured in order to improve the quality of services? Should there be a different approach to the delivery of IT services by IT departments and the services provided by other companies commercially?

These and other questions are answered by a collection of the best IT service management practices - ITIL®.

Basic training in IT Infrastructure Library - good IT service management practices. The training participants will receive a basic but complete dose of knowledge about the concept of service organization in accordance with the latest version of good practices - ITIL 4. The training prepares you for the ITIL 4 Foundation certification.

Training enables you to familiarize with a new approach to managing IT services and key components such as: Service Value System (SVS) and the Four Dimensions Model model. The new ITIL 4 approach also includes new ways of working, such as Lean, Agile and DevOps.

Target audience

The ITIL 4 Foundation certified course is addressed to all people involved in the provision of IT services. Also for anyone who wants to deepen or update their knowledge in IT service management and business value delivery and for those who want to upgrade ITIL v3 Foundation certification.


The aim is to familiarize the participants with the concept of managing IT services in a modern digital world, in particular:

  • learning the basic concepts of service management;
  • familiarize with Guiding Principles / Principles of ITIL and understanding how they help the organization to adopt and apply best practices in service management;
  • familiarization with the Four Dimensions of Service Management model (Four Dimensions model);
  • familiarization with the System value system, its purpose and components;
  • familiarizing with the Service Value chain activities and understanding how they support the service value system;
  • familiarization with selected ITIL practices.

The aim of the training is also to prepare for the certification exam: ITIL 4 at the basic level (Foundation).


ITIL Foundation Exam takes place on the third day, at the end of the training course.

Note that ITIL training and exams can be provided just by accredited training suppliers.
More information:

-- Day 1 ---

  • Introduction
    • The purpose of ITIL 4
    • The evolution of ITIL
  • Key concepts of service management
    • Relationship between value and its stakeholders, including the organization, service providers and service consumers, and other stakeholders
    • Definitions of the service consumer roles of a customer, user and sponsor
    • Key concepts of value co-creation through service relationships, including service relationship management, service provision and service consumption
    • Relationship between products, service offering, and services
    • Key concepts of creating value with services, including outcome, cost, risk, utility and warranty
    • Definitions of utility and warranty.
  • Key concepts of ITIL
    • The four dimensions of IT service management
      • Organizations and people
      • Information and technology
      • Partners and suppliers
      • Value streams and process
    • The ITIL service value system
      • What is the service value system?
      • Inputs of the SVS
      • Outcome of the SVS
      • Components of the SVS
    • Service value chain
      • What is the service value chain?
      • Value chain interactions with practice
      • The inputs, outputs and purpose of each value chain activity
    • The nature, use and interaction of the guiding principles
    • The guiding principles
      • Focus on value
      • Start where you are
      • Progress iteratively with feedback
      • Collaborate and promote visibility
      • Think and work holistically
      • Keep it simple and practical
      • Optimize and automate

-- Day 2 --

  • Introduction to the ITIL practices
    • General practices
      • Architecture management
      • Continual improvement in detail
      • Information security management
      • Knowledge management
      • Measurement and reporting
      • Portfolio management
      • Organizational change management
      • Project management
      • Relationship management
      • Risk management
      • Service financial management
      • Strategy management
      • Supplier management
      • Workforce and talent management

-- Day 3 --

  • Service management practices (part 1)
    • Availability management
    • Business analysis
    • Capacity and performance management
    • Change control in detail
    • Incident management in detail
    • IT asset management
    • Monitoring and event management
  • Service management practices (part 2)
    • Problem management in detail
    • Release management
    • Service catalogue management
    • Service configuration management
    • Service continuity management
    • Service design
    • Service desk in detail
    • Service level management in detail
    • Service request management in detail
    • Service validation and testing
  • Technical practices
    • Deployment management
    • Infrastructure and platform management
    • Software development and management
  • ITIL 4 Foundation exam

The training ends with an ITIL 4 Foundation certifying exam. The exam lasts 60 minutes (for those for whom English is not the first language, the exam lasts 75 minutes) and consists of 40 single-choice test questions. To pass, 65% of correct answers are required (26 points).

We usually organize the exam on the last day of the training.

During the training, participants have the opportunity to check their knowledge thanks to numerous test questions.

Naujieji ITIL intermediate lygio mokymai ir sertifikacijos bus prieinami 2019 m. antroje pusėje.

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