ISTQB ® Foundation Level (2018)

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The ISTQB® Foundation Level Certification gives you the essential skills and  knowledge needed to work as a testing professional. Internationally recognised, the ISTQB® Foundation Certificate is a must for securing your place in the rapidly growing software testing industry. It is the industry standard professional qualification and is fast becoming a prerequisite among hiring managers when considering testing candidates. Participants learn to apply test principles and control their own test activities using test processes and methodologies that are globally recognized as best practice.
This course is based on the contents of the ISTQB® 2018 Syllabus.You will be ideally prepared to participate in the examination to obtain the ISTQB® certified tester foundation level certificate.


Renata Čičman - sertifikuota  testavimo  profesionalė,  turinti daugiau nei 15 metų patirtį PĮ testavimo srityje. Šiuo metu dirba QA vadove Danske banke, vadovauja daugiau nei 10 testuotojų komandai. Praktinę patirtį sukaupė dirbdama tokiose  tarptautinėse kompanijose kaip  Danske Bank, SEB, Luminor, Tieto, Telia ir kt.  Lektorė puikiai išmano testavimui skirtus įrankius, valdymo principus, metodikas,  žino, kas geriausiai veikia praktikoje ir kaip užtikrinti efektyvų  PĮ testavimo procesą. Lektorė yra įgijusi tarptautines sertifikacijas: ISTQB Foundation, ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst, ISTQB Advanced Test manager.

Mokymų metu dalyviai įgys gilias teorines ir praktines žinias, daug praktikuosis bei gaus lektorės  patarimų ir pagalbos ruošiantis tarptautinėms ISTQB sertifikacijoms.

Kursas skirtas

Developers, Tester, Managers, Persons intending to participate in the certification, Project Managers, QM/QA Staff, Test Analysts, Test Managers.

Reikalavimai klausytojams

Basic software development knowledge is desirable, but not necessarily required.

Kurso nauda

  • In this course you will receive a comprehensive overview of tasks, methods and techniques in software testing. You will understand all steps of the software testing processes, from test planning through specification up to execution and logging.
  • You will receive a detailed and structured compilation of the essential terminology of testing and the relevant international norms and standards. You will be able to successfully apply your newly acquired techniques such as equivalence partitioning analysis at the module, integration or system test level.
  • You will have practiced creating concise defect reports; you will know how to successfully complete the error management process up to designing an efficient re-test.
  • You will learn which test tools can support your work and what must be kept in mind, when selecting and introducing these tools.

Kurso turinys

  • Fundamentals of software testing
  • Tests during the software life cycle
  • Static test procedures
  • Dynamic testing procedures
  • Test design procedure
  • Test management
  • Test tools

  1. Fundamentals of Testing:
    • What is Testing?
    • Why is Testing Necessary?
    • Seven Testing Principles
    • Test Process
    • The Psychology of Testing
  2. Testing Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle:
    • Software Development Lifecycle Models
    • Test Levels
    • Test Types
    • Maintenance Testing
  3. Static Testing:
    • Static Testing Basics
    • Review Process
  4. Test Techniques:
    • Categories of Test Techniques
    • Black-box Test Techniques
    • White-box Test Techniques
    • Experience-based Test Techniques
  5. Test Management:
    • Test Organization
    • Test Planning and Estimation
    • Test Monitoring and Control
    • Configuration Management
    • Risks and Testing
    • Defect Management
  6. Tool Support for Testing:
    • Test tool considerations
    • Effective use of tools

The Advanced Level Test Manager exam is comprised of 65 questions, with a pass mark grade of 65% to be completed within 180 minutes.

Exam price: The cost of the test is not included in the course price. Please contact us at testai@bka.lt for the exact price.