Linux pagrindai. Pasiruošimas CompTIA Linux+ sertifikacijai (LPIC-1)

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Linux has grown into an industry-leading software and service delivery platform that is used for everything from super computers and Web servers to virtualized systems and your Android phone. Linux professionals are high in demand: With CompTIA’s Linux+ Powered by LPI certification, you’ll acquire the fundamental skills and knowledge you need to successfully configure, manage and troubleshoot Linux systems.

Kursas skirtas

This course is intended for entry-level computer support professionals with basic knowledge of computer hardware, software and operating systems, who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of Linux concepts and skills. It is also for those who wish to prepare for the CompTIA Linux+ certification exam.

Kurso tikslas

Students will learn:
  • Linux fundamentals
  • Linux hardware
  • Installation and basic usage of Linux
  • Configuration and administration of Linux
  • Linux in a networking environment
  • Security, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • The Linux kernel

Kurso turinys

Part I, Exam LX0-103

  • Exploring Linux Command-Line Tools Chapter
  • Managing Software
  • Configuring Hardware
  • Managing Files
  • Booting Linux and Editing Files

Part II, Exam LX0-104

  • Configuring the X Window System, Localization and Printing
  • Administering the System
  • Configuring Basic Networking
  • Writing Scripts, Configuring Email, and Using Databases
  • Securing Your System

Part I, Exam LX0-103
  1. Exploring Linux Command-Line Tools Chapter
    • Understanding Command-Line Basics
    • Using Streams, Redirection, and Pipes
    • Processing Text Using Filters
    • Using Regular Expressions
  2. Managing Software
    • Package Concepts
    • Using RPM
    • Using Debian Packages
    • Converting between Package Formats
    • Package Dependencies and Conflicts
    • Managing Shared Libraries
    • Managing Processes
  3. Configuring Hardware
    • Configuring the Firmware and Core Hardware
    • Configuring Expansion Cards
    • Configuring USB Devices
    • Configuring Hard Disks
    • Designing a Hard Disk Layout
    • Creating Partitions and Filesystems
    • Maintaining Filesystem Health
    • Mounting and Unmounting Filesystems
  4. Managing Files
    • Using File Management Commands
    • Managing File Ownership
    • Controlling Access to Files
    • Managing Disk Quotas
    • Locating Files
  5. Booting Linux and Editing Files
    • Installing Boot Loaders
    • Understanding the Boot Process
    • The Initialization Process
    • Using the SysV Initialization Process
    • Using the systemd Initialization Process
    • Using the Upstart Initialization Process
    • Editing Files with vi
Part II, Exam LX0-104
  1. Configuring the X Window System, Localization and Printing
    • Configuring Basic X Features
    • Configuring X Fonts
    • Managing GUI Logins
    • Using X for Remote Access
    • X Accessibility
    • Configuring Localization and Internationalization
    • Configuring Printing
  2. Administering the System
    • Managing Users and Groups
    • Tuning User and System Environments
    • Using Log and Journal Files
    • Maintaining the System Time
    • Running Jobs in the Future
  3. Configuring Basic Networking
    • Understanding TCP/IP Networking
    • Understanding Network Addressing
    • Configuring Linux for a Local Network
    • Diagnosing Network Connections
  4. Writing Scripts, Configuring Email, and Using Databases
    • Managing the Shell Environment
    • Writing Scripts
    • Managing Email
    • Managing Data with SQL
  5. Securing Your System
    • Administering Network Security
    • Administering Local Security
    • Configuring SSH
    • Using GPG

CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI testai (LX0-103 ir LX0-104) yra laikomi Pearson Vue testavimo sistemoje. Tai kompiuteriniai, testo formos egzaminai, kuriuos sudaro po 60 klausimų. Pereinamasis balas – 500 (vertinimo skalėje nuo 200 iki 800). Testo trukmė – 90 minučių.

Dėl testo kainos – susisiekite su mumis el.paštu testai@bka.lt.  Į kurso kainą egzaminas neįtrauktas.

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